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The Global Free Party is the political arm of the global movement, Global Free Society.

The main objective of the Global Free Party is to install a system of Pure Democracy.

The definition of Pure Democracy is: Democracy in which the power is exercised directly by the people rather than through representatives.


We believe that the current systems of democracy installed world wide are no longer serving humanity.

The evidence we see with our own eyes across the planet shows a complete lack of global perspective and vision from our entrusted political leaders.

Our belief is that a global solution is the only way mankind will address the perpetual issues plaguing humanity from our early days.

The evidence is abundant that service to self becomes a factor whenever politicians are placed in positions of power.

The monetary system, and an individuals own need for personal advancement, seems to corrupt even the most well intentioned eventually.

A new system of Pure Democracy, where every individual is able to vote on all matters of local, national and global importance, will serve humanity much fairer.

It will remove any organisation or groups ability to assert their will over the people in a disproportional manner.

This new system of Pure Democracy will utilise the latest digital voting system that is completely safe and secure.

This will eradicate the need for any citizens to defer their powers of choice to a political elite.

It will also guarantee and an equal voice to each and every citizen willing to understand all sides of the debate requiring a vote.


The Global Free Party will work hand in hand with the Global Free Society which will act as the core facilitating council. The global Free Party will then act as the lead council for that country and seek to install regional councils in all local areas where applicable. For more detail on this alternative concept of governance please see the book Global Free Society or the video presentations. All available for free on this main web site.


A citizen centric world wide system is the desired goal of all global groups, the society and the party.

This system will only become a reality through a global initiative to research and develop a designed system of social and logistical perfection. Fit for purpose to allow humanity to prosper and realise a sustainable future.

To unify humanity we must work to a vision statement that incorporates all the aspects deemed essential for a happy and rewarding life for all. To allow humanity to flourish, not just survive. (For further updates on this essential strategy please see the book or the web site under Vision Statement)


Once installed, Pure Democracy will allow the wider aims of the Global Free Society concept to be presented to all global citizens.

Allowing us to invest further, define, revise and perfect a system that reflects our long term goals, laid out in the co-authored vision statement..


The main areas for consideration are,

Shared vision – to unite humanity in the pursuance of a designed global system of social, industrial and logistical perfection fit for purpose.

Pure Democracy – the end of the current political systems, utilising technology to allow all of humanity the right to vote on all matters of local, national and global importance.

Ethics of governance – revised ways of implementing the peoples wishes.

This represents the only system that is truly people centric. The only way we believe humanity will  arrive at a truly fair and just system for all.

Sustainability – through a resource based economy, smart consumption and consolidation of products and production.  Product durability, recyclability and upgradability built into all our goods where meaningful.

Freedom- in every sense of the meaning for the individual.

Freedom of speech, movement, thought, expression.

Freedom from fear, totalitarianism, reprisal and freedom of beliefs.

Health care- for all, all equal in need

Food production- sustainable, ethical, nutritional and environmentally considerate.

Education- globally available for all, no barriers.

Equal representation- equality and equity for all.

Ethics and responsibility of all media channels- arrived at through fair and reasonable new laws. Accountability.

Transparency - in all governmental matters both locally and globally. Past, present and future.

End of the monetary system- an end to the perpetually damaging influence and control by the monetary system on humanity,

Once a system of Pure Democracy is installed the Global Free Party will transition into a system of councils. The system is detailed in the book Global Free Society. In Brief, this new global system of governance will cover all aspects of our lives allowing complete transparency in all matters.

The Councils role is to research and develop each of our divisions, such as transport, manufacturing, education, healthcare.

The overall decisions affecting these categories progression and direction will be made by the people using technology to vote securely.


We are in the very early stages of birthing this now concept and ideology.

If you have experience or knowledge you would like to share with us then please get in contact through our contact button on this web site.

We very much look forward to making history with you.

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