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If you are on this page then you are considering supporting us financially. Thanks you very much for your confidence, but before you do please let us be very clear what your money will be used for.


Firstly, let me explain that we are a not for profit organisation. All the monies raised will be spent in the following areas.

Overheads. Of course we will have costs, we live in a monetary system, for now. Offices, staff wages, equipment, travel, services and media will all need to be paid for.

Research, this we envisage will be the backbone of our actions going forward. We must invest in many areas to be able to prove to the wider society and ourselves that our vision is achievable.

We estimate this will be quite a long, in-depth and of course expensive process, but 100% necessary.

That’s the plan, of course no battle plan survives first contact. Therefor we reserve the right to use the funds as we see fit but only in the pursuance of refining and enabling the global free society to become a major tool for global change.

I promise to you that monies will be invested wisely. We are passionate about what we have started and ask you to trust our judgement.


We sincerely thanks you for your support, we cannot work on your behalf without it.

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