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The Global Free Society concept is a new radical solution designed to explore new ways of co-operation and mutual prosperity for all peoples on planet earth.


We believe the required solutions to our continual problems can no longer be found by our ruling governments or their advisors.


The answers now must be driven by the ever growing number of disenfranchised society members from all corners of the planet, you and me.

This co-operation will provide a firm base to then look at these perpetual issues challenging humanity, since our early days, with a view to correcting the course of humanity.

Radical new ideas, new solutions and a new world view are essential to make the necessary changes for the benefit of all on earth, including the planet herself.

The Global Free Society concept offers an initial blueprint for the necessary changes that are required now.

It is a radical and progressive solution that is designed to be inclusive, celebrating alternative and creative input from all.

The issues of immediate concern, and therefore will be the main focus of our initial work, are as follows.

Shared vision – to unite humanity in the pursuance of a designed global system of social, industrial and logistical perfection fit for purpose.


Pure Democracy – the end of the current political systems, utilising technology to allow all of humanity the right to vote on all matters of local, national and global importance.

Ethics of governance – revised ways of implementing the peoples wishes.

This represents the only system that is truly people centric. The only way we believe humanity will  arrive at a truly fair and just system for all.

Sustainability – through a resource based economy, smart consumption and consolidation of products and production.  Product durability, recyclability and upgradability built into all our goods where meaningful.

Freedom- in every sense of the meaning for the individual.

Freedom of speech, movement, thought, expression.

Freedom from fear, totalitarianism, reprisal and freedom of beliefs.

Health care- for all, all equal in need

Food production - sustainable, ethical, nutritional and environmentally considerate.

Education – globally available for all, no barriers.

Equal representation- equality and equity for all.

Ethics and responsibility of all media channels- arrived at through fair and reasonable new laws. Accountability.

Transparency - in all governmental matters both locally and globally. Past, present and future.

End of the monetary system- an end to the perpetually damaging influence and control by the monetary system on humanity,

To invest in the research of provable and beneficial alternatives as initially detailed in the book, Global Free Society

The Global Free Society will seek funding into furthering a global citizen led approach to all these issues.

That research will be completely independent and not influenced by governments or corporations.

The ultimate aim is for a humanity united in opportunity and not divided by borders or separated by any labels.

The main vehicle for delivering this new ideology globally is through political parties in each and  every country. Each political party’s aim will be to work collaboratively with the Global Free Society and all other Global Free political parties. The Goal of the Global Free Party within each country is to educate the wider population on the many benefits of the new proposed systems and then install a fairer system of governance, pure democracy.

For more details please download our free book or view our explainer series, all available free on this web site.

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