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Thank you for visiting our website, we really do appreciate your interest.......

We are a grass roots movement whose purpose is to challenge your viewpoint on what we believe to be completely outdated beliefs and systems widely installed currently throughout our planet.

Outdated systems such as all forms of governance, the manufacture and supply of goods, healthcare and even personal freedoms.

But we don’t want to just challenge these systems, we want to share with you an alternative. A new global system that address’s the myriad of problems and issues humanity has suffered needlessly for millennia.

The Global Free Society concept is radical on many levels, but that’s what we strongly believe is required in this time of humanity’s great journey. We offer a people centric system that allows us all to live in symbiosis with planet earth. A designed system, fit for purpose, to ensure each individual can attain joy through the pursuance of their own potential.

And through your understanding and support we can actually make the changes necessary to correct the current path of humanity and put it firmly back on track for the future we deserve. Our true path.

One of global co-operation, peace and opportunity with sustainability at the very heart of our united society.

Exciting times we are living in………….


    Alan Perrins

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